7 Google Search Engine Algorithm Insights to Improve Your Website SEO

SEO is a need of every website but every practice associated with SEO is not always good for your online presence. Though some practices may seem to be time-consuming and may take longer to reflect results, they are certainly better than short term practices which can give faster results but end you up with major downtime.

Ultimately, there is a fine line between good SEO and bad SEO which is well understood by the search engines because of their core algorithms. Though you may be scrolling web for your search on SEO services near me, there are always certain things to be working on your part. Today, we will be bringing you insights from the most important Google algorithms which you need to consider and keep in mind for improved SEO performance.

Let us quickly go through the list of 7 google algorithms and find the reasons for which they may love or haunt your website.

Google Panda

Panda feeds on content and it is an algorithm that strikes every website. Panda works to keep track of websites which are rich in content and thus, it brings them higher rankings of SERPs. If you want to be friends with panda, make sure you work on these key points:

  • Avoid thin content (not the count of words) because panda likes it to be answered in precise language.
  • Avoid content with poor grammar and format so that user experience could be made more pleasing on your website.
  • Make sure you be a positive force and bring only unique and relevant content before users and panda.
  • Panda could spare you for images and videos but the copied text is something which makes it angry.
  • Avoid the use of spun content because it may bring down the content on quality which is not good for your friendship with panda.

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Google Penguin

The next algorithm which can hit you for your presence on the web is google penguin. It keeps a check on your links profiles and quality of backlinks. So, if you have dubious links on your website, chances are high that you can get slammed by panda. Here are a few points which you must work to avoid google penguin get annoyed:

  • Paid links: it is completely against google guidelines to get the link juice for money or in exchange of products.
  • Diversity in Anchor text: make sure you always use unique anchor text on your website because it may seem to be an act of manipulation from penguin’s perspective.
  • Low quality links: if your website is linked to a source which contains irrelevant content and above that all content of poor quality can give your serious harm.
  • Keyword Stuffing: though it seems to be a Panda thing, penguin keeps track of all the unnatural use of keywords so make sure you avoid that.

Google Pigeon

Google is very concerned about the user experience with search results and therefore, it has a separate algorithm to keep track of local SEO rankings i.e. Google Pigeon. So, if you want to take your website into the top 3 pack of local search results, make sure you work on the following tasks:

  • Develop high-grade content with location oriented keywords.
  • Get valuable links and optimize your website for mobile devices.
  • Use text and visuals that are relevant to location and business.
  • A well maintained GMB page.
  • NAP consistency in listings.
  • Structure data use on the website.

Google Hummingbird

Hummingbird is all about improving the search experience of the user. It works on semantic search concept where you need to target those keywords and queries which seems to be most appealing for the audience. Here are a few things which you can work to find the most relevant semantic keywords:

Places where people have shared talks on subjects like Wikipedia, forums, social media, etc.

Taking advantage of the most proficient keyword finding tools.

To work on google search suggestions and related searches section.

Google Payday Loan

Google payday loan was one of the most straightforward and simplest updates which Google rolls out. This update was mainly introduced to get over spammy websites such as high-interest loan sites or casinos. There is  only one and a single thing which you need to keep in mind to resist payday loan on attacking your website and it is:

  • Avoid black hat techniques and spammy SEO tactics.

Google Mobilegeddon

It was the year called 2015 when a completely new Google algorithm rolled out and it was named to be Mobilegeddon. This update was aimed at the user experience of the people on search engines when they were working on smaller screens. Moreover, in 2018, a new mobile-first indexing goal which was focused to make it more pleasing for users to explore the web on mobile. So, here we a few things which you need to work for saving your website from Mobilegeddon.

  • A website that adjusts automatically to every screen size.
  • Use of a readable font on your website.
  • Make sure Mobilegeddon never encounters any non-playable content.
  • Avoid the use of popups that cover all the space on the website.
  • Use of right space between words and checkboxes.
  • Make sure your website should load quickly (ensure code and image optimization).

Google Fred

Google Fred is all about minor updates which are introduced by Google from time to time. But still, they can prove to be more troublesome as compared to other updates. So, if you need your website to outperform on search engine results make sure you get a website which satisfies the following conditions:

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  • Make sure you avoid aggressive advertisement giving more value to ads over the content.
  • Fred can reward other websites with more relevant content to user queries as compared to yours, so work on it.
  • Make sure you never deliver disrupting the user experience and always give friendly navigation to users.

So, if you are curious over the idea of Google algorithms and how they affect your website’s performance like rankings, user experience, etc. now you have all the insights to how they act on your business website for any errors or positive efforts. Good luck!

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