Download whatsapp for PC/Laptop Windows 10/8/7

Download whatsapp for pc : Hello friends before going to know about WhatsApp let me introduce my self I am your post writer and my name is gova and-and in this post I will give more information on WhatsApp for laptop windows 8.1/8/10,and we already know that WhatsApp is a most popular app all over the world and we have many more users and it is awarded as best chatting app all over the world and here we can access the WhatsApp all over the world here WhatsApp contains so many advantages like audio calling and video calling and photo sharing and many more advantages are available.

And since it is more popular because of its features and some of the features like location, hence it works like mobile platform like android , IOS , Symbian ,windows phone , Black Berry and many platforms are there and the WhatsApp was bought by facebook for 20 million dollars and now its earning than he invested because of its fans it became most popular and in now a days every one need WhatsApp for various purposes and here many people are using WhatsApp and making their business most popular and now we ll have WhatsApp in your hands and many can make miracles .

And WhatsApp can suit for all the android ,ios,blackberry and so many platforms  and now it is also for PC and I can be available in all os like windows 7,8.1,10 and even we can use WhatsApp in XP also we all need is internet connection in our device , since we have not had any direct WhatsApp link  we can’t  download it, but don’t be worried I am there here we have many more ways to install WhatsApp on your PC and I suggest some of the tricks and some methods like emulator  to install the Whatsapp with out any errors here I provide a series of steps to be followed  to  to download and install the Whatsapp apk on your Laptop PC & windows 8/8.1/10

We already know that every software and emulator has its advantages and disadvantages and according to their convenience so Here I provide two emulators which make your easier of installation and don’t worry I provide series of steps for easy of access . I already said that Whatsapp can be installed in various methods among them of all considerations I select these which make me easy and this software is compatible with all os in windows and also for mac os either we have the different bit like 64,32 it works efficiently .

Here the first method is downloading the blue stacks and then installing the Whatsapp and the other method is youwave and this is also efficient and some knowledge should be there to use this application and its your wish to download

Download WhatsApp For PC

Requirements To  install  WhatsApp apk:

  • We need fast internet connection to download and use
  • We have 1 GB ram to install and use WhatsApp efficiently with out any obstructions
  • If you don’t have any of the above things it will install but it takes some more time to install the Whatsapp.
  • install whatsapp on your laptop by using bluestacks android emulator.

Here I provide video to make you understand the installation process of the WhatsApp below .

Download WhatsApp apk for PC

Firstly , we  have to download the software  called blue stacks if not I provide a link below and after downloading I give some sequence of steps to be followed to install the Whatsapp and since blue stacks ais completely free we can download the blue stacks (which is called as Bluestacks app player) to use WhatsApp apk. This software is available for free. You can download the software from below link.  If not go for another second method for installing the Whatsapp download apk for pc

Download Bluestacks For laptop or PC:

After downloading the blue stacks it pop up any window and we should launch the app and it takes some time to install the software and then we go into the bluestacks .Bluestacks software needs the good Internet connection to install completely in your PC .

Since it is an emulator it requires high-speed internet connection to install the Whatsapp

And after installing the blue stacks completely we have a short cut at desktop and if you click it we have a popup window available on your desktop,and in the video I provide the detailed instructions and I solved errors while installing the software otherwise contact us to resolve your errors and we all there for you to solve your installation process.

Open the BlueStacks software after installing it on your Windows 8.1 or Windows 8/7 or any other os  on your  computer. If you have installed BlueStacks successfully , you would get a window  otherwise you installation is failed

 In the updated version of bluestacks, they  removed some things like fonts and page size and many features are replace din the updated version in small fonts. Click on that time and drag it carefully.

After the completion of blustacks successfully the next thing is to install is WhatsApp and we have many options like connecting , keyboard and much more are there and it also can be changed and then for installing the WhatsApp  we have to go search bar and type WhatsApp apk in the search bar.

Search For WhatsApp apk in Bluestacks

If you search the WhatsApp in the search bar it shows  an error some times because we haven’t logged into the Gmail account and then go for the search and the type like WhatsApp download apk and if it open then we have to install the whats app if it shows an error like this

[Error Fix] Market not found. Search web for installation receipt:

If it shows the above error we have to take some more process and we should install apk file from the below link provided by us and download the app file below and we can easily download and then we can access the app file and we can install the application easily.And then we can access the account by login into the WhatsApp and click install and it takes some time to load and you can enter your phone number for which WhatsApp to be there and after that you get a secret code for WhatsApp apk to verify the number and then it asks for the back up if any if not its works directly and create a WhatsApp name and continue using the app.

Method 2:

WhatsApp download apk For PC

  1. Here this is the second method of installation of WhatsApp download apk and here we have to go install the emulator called you wave in your pc , if u already have this emulator then don’t go for it if not download the software from the link given below.

Download Youwave Here

  • If the above link is not working, then try this  >>  Latest working version 
  • Download Youwave.
  • Download Youwave software from the above URL.
  • After completion of your download, install the software and head over below procedure.

After installing the software you wave then open the application .

We popup a window on the main screen and then go for the following steps

  • Make a look at the click button and Click on view button which is located at left side . You will see a menu there at below
  • After that, we can read the services and how to install it and many more options are available .
  • And then we get the search that WhatsApp apk and you want to install the application after the search , you make sure that that it’s a WhatsApp application .
  • See the photo of WhatsApp and make sure that it’s a Whatsapp photo and make a click on install the software,if it asks for any Gmail account you can better login to any accounts available
  • After clicking on install it automatically installs WhatsApp on your computer for few minutes it depends upon the speed of your PC.
  • And remaining is to use your number to create the account .
  • And we can download the app for Nokia Asha in the below link provided

Activate WhatsApp apk in Your laptop & Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10/7 PC

After installing the emulators like you wave and blue stacks its your turn to install the Whatsapp ,and after installing the software and then we for application of whatsapp and we go for search in the search box Now, Go to home screen click on a right top corner as you can see in the first image. That is menu button after pressing that one you will see all installed applications. There you can find WhatsApp in search and make sure that it is a WhatsApp messenger and you select install on the application.

Here I provide some tricks like how to get your contacts into the PC

Adding Contacts in WhatsApp apk For PC

After the above steps you may install the Whatsapp successfully with out any errors and then we need is contacts if not how you will interact with one another for this you need this post to read ,and you get the idea how to sync your contacts into pc.and after installing the emulators we find sync button and the follow the steps of the to sync the contacts on your PC .And now you install the Whatsapp and you updated the contacts in your PC and we have not only these two emulators and software we have many more software to use WhatsApp in your PC I think that this post is useful to you.

And if you not supported by the two emulators go for this Kik Messenger Download For PC, Download Bluestacks For Free , Whatsapp download apk for PC and its your wish to download (or) not and I wish this article gives some more knowledge about the installation of WhatsApp apk in your pc.and we can also use web WhatsApp in your PC by using chrome and I provide link here addon   WhatsApp Web version Using Google Chrome.

Now we have many more software an techniques for installing any application in your PC and since we don’t have more knowledge about all the application better to go for this emulator and make your easy and faster , firstly to be frank I don’t know how to use this emulators and software after doing many experiments and I got this in my hand s,I used many software on my personal computer and I make the changes to the software how it works and come to a conclusion that the above is best compared to other software and finally  The time has changed and so the technologies thanks to the YouWave and Whatsapp web team for giving this type of easy access of the software

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