Herbal Remedy for Throat Infection

Dealing with a pesky throat infection is not easy. You must go through a lot of pain, consume so many medicines to treat everything.

Gargle time and again with Salt Water

The oldest and easiest of all the remedies to treat throat infections. Salt is known for its amazing anti-bacterial properties. To avail its benefits, mix ¼ spoon of salt in warm water and gargle 3 times daily. It will wash off the bacteria from the neck and anything that causes burning sensation inside the throat.

Turmeric Milk

This is granny’s treasured love and is called as golden milk. It is an ancient tradition in India that can treat any sore throat, persistent cough and cold. It can provide relief from pain and swelling. So, let this natural and healthy anti-body take charge of your health.

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Herbal Tea

Prepare a herbal tea with 2 parts of cinnamon, 2 parts of ginger and 3 parts of licorice. Steep the mixture in water for atleast 10 minutes and drink it 3 times daily.


Prepare a decoction of honey, ginger and squeeze lime mixed with warm water into it, you can also add a teaspoon of raw honey into it. Not only will honey moisten the throat but it will also help treat night time cough. Honey is a hypertonic osmotic that can help draw out water from the inflamed tissues. Drinking this mixture will help reduce the swelling and inflammation from the throat. Honey has been always considered as the best herbal remedy for throat infection as it soothes the irritated throat.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Because of its acidic nature it can kill any kind of bacteria in the throat. It can also help ease the symptoms of throat infection. You can also add vinegar to your herbal tea or use apple cider vinegar to gargle.

Suck on garlic

The compound found in garlic known as allicin can help kill the bacteria and fight the germs that that could lead to infections. You can place a garlic clove between your cheek and teeth and suck onto it like a candy. Keep the garlic clove inside your mouth, properly crush it and let the juices show you its magic.

If you are suffering from throat infection then you must keep away from dairy products like cheese, yogurt, fermented foods.

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Chamomile Tea

It is a naturally soothing tea that is used for many medicinal purposes especially treating a sore throat. It has various anti-inflammatory, astringent and antioxidant properties that can provide instant relief from sore throat. Inhaling or drinking chamomile tea can offer great benefits. Chamomile tea stimulates the immune system and helps it fight the infection that is caused to it due to sore throat in the first place.

Baking Soda Gargle

When you mix baking soda to a glass of hot water then it can help relieve sore throat. When you gargle this kind of a solution it will help to prevent the growth of fungi and yeast.

You need to gargle and gently swish a combination of ¼ teaspoon of baking soda, 1 cup water and 1/8 teaspoon of salt. It is recommended that you do this every 3 hour or as needed.

A herbal remedy for throat allergy can help relieve you from all the symptoms of sore throat. Trying these remedies might help save you a trip to a doctor. If the sore throat infection continues to persist then you might need professional advice at the earliest.

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