How artificial intelligence could have an impact on the future of work?

We are in an era of digital transformation, where break neck is achieved with a paradigm shift in artificial intelligence in telecom with concept of machine learning. The pace of technology is something hard to describe in words. Everyone in the corporate world wants both these concepts to evolve at the pace of knots.


An eye on automation means an end to the syndrome of repetitive tasks. Ever since the formation of business, human beings are the only sources to get the work done. Slowly with the passage of time machines began to replace physical labor. In modern times machine is able to replace the impact of human beings which in turn allows them to divert their mind to tasks involving creativity.

You can break them into sub categories and those could be further divided. The nature of such tasks is that they can be automated if not now then at a later date. The chances are you might be going through the documents and finding the same piece of information over and over again. The more tedious nature of job can be evolved; you end up freeing people and allow them to focus on their strengths. If automation seems to be a viable option, business owners would embrace it with folded hands.

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Boosts efficiency

Efficiency can be thought as employee super powers. You can be getting the same tasks done but more might need to be done. Think on the lines of voice process and more and more people have given their thumbs up to this concept.

On a serious note even for professional and personal reasons, voice assistants are not going to replace the job of anyone. Efficiency and value of the job is going to increase.

Providing cues to vital breakthroughs

Break through appears when you throw light on a blind spot. In case of most artificial intelligence companies in India you unearth the blind spot which was impossible at a certain point of time and even the dots did not connect. In the domain of medicine it would analyse patient risk before it makes it way on to the market and in telecom sector it means predicting things before they are going to appear.

Just imagine you need to pull each and every document in your company to predict outcomes and trends. Break through all boils down to what people cannot see, and thanks till artificial intelligence made its presence.

Putting it all together

Now the real question starts, you might be in any scenario right now, how you are going to harness the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence for your business needs.

The process seems simple as we get started with the data and no amount of machine learning can occur if there does not seem to be actionable data ready. Here ready seems to be the operative word. Many leaders who go on to embark on ML project figure out data to be less accessible.

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