How to Prevent Flat Tire & Blowouts?

Whether on a long road trip or perhaps driving to the neighborhood for grocery shopping, a flat tire can make things really difficult.

Honestly, a flat tire is something nobody wants to get stuck with. Even if you are having a great day, a flat tire can turn this into a terrible one. Perhaps that’s the reason why people prefer carrying a spare wheel so that they don’t have to face any inconvenience in the midway. You might not realize that you have developed some habits that deal the wear & tear as well as the weakening of your tires. Thankfully, you can now help prevent flat tire with these useful tips. So let’s dive in;

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Check Your Tire Pressure

To get most out of your vehicle, the tires need to be properly inflated as it’s the only component of your car in direct contact with the road. Perhaps that’s the reason why experts recommend getting your tires properly inflated as it helps prevent not only the flat tire but also blowouts.

Always check the tire pressure once a month and make sure it’s inflated up to the recommended PSI – checkout the owner’s manual for recommended tire pressure. Check the tire pressure manually is still a good practice even though your vehicle has TPMS installed. Sometimes the TPMS warning light doesn’t turn on unless the tire pressure drops significantly.

Tire Rotation

According to NHTSA – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, getting your tires rotated will not only help prevent the flat tires but also enhance the longevity. If you are wondering about how often the tires need to be rotated, make sure to check your owner’s manual for that. Normally, the recommendations about rotation range from 5000 to 10000 miles.

If you are mechanically inclined a little bit, you can look after the tire rotation yourself, or you might want to visit the mechanic. Either way, it’s a great opportunity to check the tread & sidewalls for any sort of damage and get it fixed right away.


Avoid the Hazards

Well, it’s something that can be really difficult to avoid at times. The most you can do is just be cautious by taking the alternate routes if you know you’re going to drive on the active construction road or perhaps the roads are not well paved.

Keep in mind! The potholes, sharp objects and metals can get your tires flat. Not to mention, hitting the pothole hard might damage not only the tires but also wheel and other components of the vehicle. So just make sure you avoid these by noticing the cracks and bulges that might have been caused by hitting on potholes and getting it fixed ASAP.

Don’t Overload

Don’t be so unfair with your car by doing that. If you overload the car, you might end up exceeding the maximum load the tires can take. Even if you have just bought the new set of Falken tire, still it doesn’t justify putting unnecessary load on the car. So make sure you don’t do that.

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