Interface Design For Online Casino:101

Sports betting is an activity known since ancient times and famous all over the world.

While land-based casinos are stunning with chic and grandeur, their online counterparts have a different approach. From visual aesthetics to user-friendly UX design, there are many things to think about when creating an interface for an online casino development, and the cost of making the wrong choice can be very high. Please read our online casino design guide to learn how to make a great first impression.

When opening a new online casino development or updating an existing one, it is essential to pay attention to the interface. It is imperative to work on every detail to attract players from the first glance to your home page and maintain a sense of comfort and confidence.

A good color scheme, easy navigation, and hassle-free registration can be decisive factors whether a player becomes a regular or not.

If it were easy to create an attractive design, online casinos would never fail – and this, unfortunately, is not rare. So we decided to take a closer look at the fundamentals of online casino development and sportsbook design.

Beauty is in the eyes of the player.

Lack of visual appeal is the first thing that prevents many online gambling platforms from succeeding. Unpleasant aesthetics scare away the player even before they even get to the game catalog. Give the players something to enjoy.

Your home page should be bright and eye-catching. It is best to stick to a simple palette with a combination of three or four colors and use the same colors on every page.

Brightness is healthy when warm and soft, so make sure you don’t cross the line and don’t use acidic colors or too harsh contrasts. The website design should be visible but not overly intrusive. The bright and flashing colors may attract players to the ground-based gaming room. Still, they are more likely to provoke the player to leave the site when they walk from the monitor or computer screen.

The text should be well readable on an overseas betting site. This is one of the few cases where visual appeal and navigation go hand in hand. This is especially noticeable when it comes to registration and deposit buttons. The large font size and color that make it stand out from the background will immediately notify the buttons.

When players search for games, they usually look at rows and columns with titles and pictures that let them know what the game is about. Very often, operators simply use photos in the form in which the developer gave them; thus, because of the different sizes, the pictures look unclear and ugly, and it is impossible to present the game.

Use pictures of the same size. This helps players find a game that will excite them and make your platform look neat and professional.

Some games have animated icons that grab players’ eyes when they choose which game to play from the list. However, too active animation can quickly become an unwanted distraction, so try to keep moving icons to a minimum.

Looking for entertainment

Players want to find what they are looking for – and quickly in an overseas betting site. They rate the platform based on the first few search results they see. If the first time they try to find a game on your site doesn’t show exactly what they want, you can be sure they will go to another platform and won’t even say goodbye. Players expect high-quality search results even with incomplete or one-word queries.

The perfect search starts with a line. Usually, it is located in the upper right corner of the main page of the site. It should stand out well from the background – don’t force players to search for the search tool itself. The string should also offer options as soon as the player clicks on it. The suggested queries should be improved over time as the site gains more data on player behavior and tastes.

Special offers

Just signing up for a tournament from a developer is one thing, but you still need players.

Welcome bonuses are great, but they won’t push players to sign up if they don’t know about them. Special offers, rewards, and urgent opportunities (such as tournaments) must be prominently displayed. Let this be the first thing that the player sees when entering the site.

Advertise bonuses and offers visibly. The text should be visible, position high, and centered above everything else. Ensure your promotions and bonuses have a visible button that you can click to take advantage of the opportunity.

Mobile world

The development of mobile devices has profoundly impacted iGaming, as it has on any other industry in an overseas betting site. Players in developed countries are spending more and more time on their mobile devices. In contrast, in developing countries, mobile internet penetration is leaps and bounds. More and more bets, and in some countries and even most, are made from mobile devices.

This means that the number of players who will see your site from a mobile screen is increasing.

Online casino development and sportsbooks must have a design that works from both a monitor and a phone. The mobile version, of course, is done differently – the menus are explicitly grouped for a taller and narrower screen.

Deposits and withdrawals

Making deposits should be easy, but don’t sacrifice security in an overseas betting site. Offer various payment systems to ensure that players are comfortable depositing money and placing bets, and paying at their convenience. It is standard practice to accept credit cards and bank payments. Still, many players expect to use their e-wallets and other methods, especially those that support cryptocurrencies.

For security reasons, you will need some personal information, but do not ask for more than necessary to create an unnecessary barrier for players. Requirements should be tough enough to keep troubled people out, but they shouldn’t infringe on privacy.

Be available

Responsive customer support is one of the key ways to build good relationships with players is a must in an overseas betting site.

Unfortunately, the players do not have technical problems on schedule. Technical support and customer service should be available around the clock. The best form of support is live chat, where players can immediately contact a worker for help.

Live chat should be available even to unregistered users if they have questions about the registration process. It is best to require as little information as possible from users of such a chat.

It is better to place the chat icon on each page of your site so that it is not difficult to ask for help at the right time. These are various key factors that play a crucial role in casino development.

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