Reseller Club Hosting Review-Pros & Cons

You might be aware of many top web hosting companies in the World. Reseller Club is a well-known hosting company, and Reseller Club review by BigOfficer is on the top of the list.


The Reseller Club was established in 1998, and the company came up with a vision to be the best platform for every hosting services customers. The Reseller Club started with a comprehensive view and strong objectives that are not only beneficial for the company but also for the customers. The company introduced itself at the international level.

In addition, the company spread its services, and its servers are located at the prime locations of different regions, i.e. UK, USA, China, etc. Different locational servers help the company to provide excellent services to customers from different areas. The company offers all kinds of hosting packages for customers to increase customers’ satisfaction and reliability. It also provides excellent customer support services for the customers.

Features of Reseller Club

The ultimate features of Reseller Club are enlisted below to make the readers aware of them.

  • Themes, Plugins & Logos are available for the customers
  • Widest Range of Products to meet every web professional’s needs
  • Every kind of hosting plans, i.e. shared hosting, email hosting, cloud hosting, etc
  • Backups of the websites are being maintained to recover the site in case of any data loss
  • Customer Support Center for the customers
  • SSL certificates and other website security services for the customers
  • Committed to providing 99.9% uptime
  • GEO located servers for the customers of different regions

The user can experience high-quality services of the Reseller Club by providing these fantastic features and services.

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Does the company charge my Credit Card whenever a Customer makes a purchase?

The slab-based pricing structure is being followed by the company that will apply to you depending upon the total receipts with the company.

Is the initial deposit useable and what is the time limit?

Definitely, the initial deposit is useable, and there is no time limit on using it.


  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee for the customers
  • 30 Days money back guarantee to new customers
  • Excellent Tech Support for the customers of Reseller Club
  • Cheaper hosting rates
  • WordPress, Drupal & Magento Hosting services are available


  • Domain rates are much higher
  • No free SSL certificate is available

Common User Reseller Club Complaints

Common User Reseller Club Complaints are very important for the readers to be discussed. The most common complaints by the users are about the slow response of the customer support team to the customers that are not acceptable by the customers. The customers mostly get free domain & SSL certificate on other hosting companies while domain rates of Reseller Club are much higher and SSL certificate is also not free of cost.

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The conclusion can be drawn from the overall performance of the hosting company. The company is providing a wide range of products and services at reasonable rates. There are some flaws that the company can overcome with little effort. The Reseller Club is a good option for the customers to host, maintain and grow their websites.

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