Skyfi Wireless Internet

What is skyfi internet or skyfi wireless internet? it is a new technology in Wi-Fi network distribution across the planet. This new technology has invented and has been developed by the Israeli company. They have announced that on Thursday, it will be the one to finally soak the world in wifi from space.

Liberty Israel Venture and the Jerusalem Venture Partners Funded with $3 million, they have announced this in a press release and said this technology is preventing the problems from Wi-Fi connection to the world. And this technology is working very efficiently because of the high flexibility of their nanosatellites, and these satellites can provide multiple services to different type of customers to ensure the internet access to everyone in the world like in a same manner as GPS services are free.

Features Of NanoSatellites:-

  • In this SkyFi technology, they are using nanosatellites with  55-centimeter diameter antenna which are very less in size and more reliable.
  • The folding of these antennas is very simple.
  • These antennas are launching cheaper.
  • Expanding these satellites on orbit is also simple.

The company has told that the complete satellite SkyFi network will be able to send as much as one gigabyte of data per second to anywhere in the world. According to the Israeli technology they have announced that this technology is entirely based on nanosatellites. This technology is come’s up with low cost instead of spending tens of millions of dollars, it is 10-100 time cheaper than a normal internet connection.

Till now there are many places are available in the world which are not having internet connection. This Skifi wireless internet technology will provide internet connection to the entire world with out any disturbance, slow down, server down or distortion.

The co-founder of SkyFi – CEO Raz Itzhaki Tamir, COO Daniel Rockberger and CTO Danny Spirtus.This Skyfi internet technology is more reliable than underwater cables, easily expandable, and capable of access unlimited communication. It is not only able to develop world wide internet, it is giving giving point to point communication across the world. Like television, telephone, mobile communication, and digital communication.

Though the Internet reaches around the world, there were many number of people more than  four billion people who are not able to get access to online because they live in rural areas so then it is not possible to ensure internet connection. So now many number of companies has decided to invest to achieve their goal as to provide internet connection, either wireless or wired . It’s become more important to the top two companies Facebook and Google and they are spending 100 of millions on technical devices to bring internet access to rural areas via ballons and drones.

The Skyfi internet communications technology will provide high-speed internet access  connectivity than existing satellites. This type of technology is introduced first time. This Skyfi wireless internet technology will be enable high-speed video transmission, which requires a lot of bandwidth.

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