The importance of using the right SEO Strategy

It is very important to use the right SEO strategy to boost your rankings. Using the wrong strategy can decrease the effectiveness of your work or even get you a penalty. For example, did you know that page speed is an important ranking factor? It is important to hire a good web design company to create a website for you that is both fast and has great user experience.

Black Hat vs White Hat SEO

A lot of SEO techniques are available to you just a click away. Like many other areas in life, there are both ethical and non-ethical ways of implementing SEO. White hat is the good side of the equation and refers to strategies and methods that follow search engine rules. On the other hand, Black hat consists of techniques that try to spam search engines to get high-ranking results. While Black hat SEO sometimes works, it is not a safe approach since your site may be de-indexed or penalized when discovered. Search engines are also getting smarter by the day, so Black hat is not worth the risk.


Keywords are at the heart of SEO. A keyword is essentially what you input to a search engine as you look for information. Finding the right keyword is core to your optimization strategy since that is what connects your page and your audience. You might have a few already in mind or even used a keyword tool like KW Finder before. You will soon find out that all keywords are not created the same! More specific keywords such as ‘Bluetooth microphone technology’ rank better compared to general, more popular terms like ‘technology’. These lesser-known but specialized terms are known as long-tail keywords and they are what you should aim for. A lot of both free and paid options are available online to help you choose the right keywords for your content.

On-page vs Off-page optimization

Now that you know about a little about how search engines work and how keywords operate, it’s time to know the different ways of employing SEO on your page. On-page techniques include factors that are directly used on your page. Some of them include optimizing keywords and links in your content, meta tags, alternate image tags, title tags and page performance.

Off-page SEO is made up of techniques affecting your website that you do not have direct influence over. They include backlinking, promotion on social media and domain authority. Although they are very important, most of these take time to build so you need not worry much about them for the moment.

Other Technical Stuff You Should Know

In most situations, adequate knowledge of the factors described above is enough to inform you of what strategies you will need to use to get your website off the ground. However, this knowledge might not be enough to equip you in some certain business situations. Some of the specific instances where you might need additional knowledge include:

  • Local SEO

If your business serves a particular geographical region, getting your content to rank highly in the region you’re in while maintaining keyword relevance is a major priority for you.

  • International SEO

If you run a multi-national company, you might have to further refine your SEO to accommodate differences in language and the diverse international market.

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