What does the head position of a baby indicate in a womb?

Once the baby grows they are going to move around a lot in the womb. A feeling of wiggling, kicking may force your baby to turn or even twist. Once the baby is bigger it is expected that they are not going to have a lot of wiggle room. Once the due date nears position of the baby assumes a lot of importance. The reason being that the baby has to head over to the best position at the time of delivery. The doctor is going to assess the condition of your womb in the last few months to figure out the condition of your baby.


The doctor might figure out names like baby in head down position etc or breech which goes on to describe the position of your baby. At the same time you might be even aware of what needs to be done if the baby is not in the best position at the time of birth and this is before the due date.

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This means that the head of the baby is down with the face facing towards the back. The chin of your baby is ticked on to the chest which means that the head is ready to enter on to the pelvis. This goes by the name of cephalic presentation. Babies are known to settle down in this position by week 33 to 36. This works out to be an ideal and safe position for your baby.


The baby is known to face down but the face positions towards your stomach and not the back. This is referred to as OP position. When you are in the starting phase of labor a vast majority of babies are born with the help of this position. No need to worry as the babies would rotate to a normal position by the time delivery is about to take place.

But possibility of a baby not rotating could also exist. This means a period of prolonged delivery with considerable back pain. To ease the pain epidural may be needed at the time of delivery.

Could you go on to turn a baby?

In most cases a head down baby positions are common. This means that a baby is not in a correct position at the time of delivery. If the baby is not in an OP position before the time of birth it is better to know well in advance. The lack of a proper position before the time of birth can pose serious complications at the time of pregnancy. To avail the baby on to the correct position at the time of birth you can stick to the following mechanisms

  • When you are sitting down tilt the pelvis on a forward motion and not backward
  • Do spend considerable amount of time sitting on an exercise ball or even a birthing ball.
  • In case if a job requires a lot of sitting, move around once in a while

The above measures would help the baby to return back to their original position.

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