What “type” of Road-Trip Person Are You?

Driving with family and friends is far more fun. Besides, it’s one of the reasons to win your very own driver’s license. And when you’re finally on an adventurous journey, destination is as important as the trip itself. But the type of people you get as passengers or how they judge your personality as a driver can change everything. Here’re a few most common type of road-trip characters. So which one are you?

The Guide/Navigator

Now this is one person who always shouts shotgun the moment a road trip has been planned. They claim their sense of direction and routing is way better than any GPS, and they happen to know all the shortcuts. But in real, these over smart people always take you through that typical “never before seen scenic route” which increases the journey time to almost 100% and dish out the temper each time you request using satellite navigation instead.

The Sleepyhead

The sleepyhead aka the ‘napper’ is incapable to stay awake in the car for more than five minutes. It’s ridiculous how people manage to sleep so peacefully with all that road rage, horn honking, shouts, sharp turns and just the booming sound of driving a car on the road. While you figure that out, get ready to experience snoring and drooling all the way through the road trip.

The Rapper

The Rapper or “DJ” takes their responsibility on the road very well whereas their trip doesn’t even start without an epic playlist. The moment they sit in the car, first priority is hitting the right tune rather than turning the ignition key and heading off.

The Snack Supplier

Now this is one person who’s everybody’s favourite! The snack supplier consider it a sin to enter the car without bulk load of chips, crackers, sweets, chocolates, crisps and so much more, including hummus at times. With this particular type of personality, your road trip would be delicious and free of untimely hunger cramps.

The ‘Urgency’ Creator

This is one of the least favourite! No matter if the person just gulped three cups of tea or a small bottle of cold soda pop, they’re always in the need to use the restrooms after every 40-50 minutes that can significantly increases the total time it takes originally to complete the journey. All that’s required is reducing the liquid intake.

The Selfie Maniac

Some people simply like to document every single moment with their face in the forefront thus come prepared with a bunch of selfie sticks! And no matter how annoying the selfies are, they record video clips and pictures, capturing memories to recall, laugh and share later. As long as it doesn’t land on Instagram or any other social account, taking a few selfies isn’t all that bad.

The Actual ‘Driver’

Perhaps the sanest yet most underrated is a normal driver whose mission is to get from point A-to-B in on piece. That driver might be a mix of all the above or none which makes him quite unpredictable. So why don’t you find out by yourself on your next car hire in Manama?

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